Daily Candy Hangover

Yesterday Loup was featured on Daily Candy, which is like the biggest thing for a little brand ever. It was ridiculously exciting and amazing to get so much positive support. Go Loup go!


Lili de Alvarez

I am in awe of Spanish multi-sport competitor and journalist Lili de Alvarez for many reasons, but her badass sense of style definitely tops of the cake. Especially since she was the one to introduce Elsa Schiaparelli's "divided skirt" (or shorts as we know them) to women's sports in 1931. Genius.


Saw the greatest Edgardo Miguel Gimenez poster from 1964 at the MOMA last week. Actually reminds me a little of the sale flier I sent out. Loup's going surreal and I love it!



Treasure hunt

White dresses never seem out of style. I want to play tennis in the dress on the left, then grab a cold lemonade with my friend and talk about our awesome hair braids.


A Useful Hippo

Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne made incredible animal shaped furniture and instalations throughout the 20th century. Like most of us, they probably thought animals in general could potentially have more useful compartments.
I love their creativity, but I mainly just can't believe how lucky that boy is to get to use the hippo desk.


Free Art

One of the best parts of living in NYC is stumbling upon free art exhibits and installations while strolling around the city. This weekend was the first glimpse of Spring weather, plus my bff was in town from LA and we all got some fun rooms to play around in.

The ladies in a room full of light bulbs and their chains in the Lower East Side

Me and Hilary with giant Woody Allen and coffee spray paint in the Meatpacking District

The ladies and a stereo in the Meatpacking District

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Good Storage

Love these colorful installations by Michael Johansson. I'm pretty into his boat packaging and need to buy at least two of everything at flea markets.


How a bill becomes a law

I always have about a billion different sources of inspiration for each collection, but for SS2010 Ellsworth Kelly and his mind bending color canvases were a big one.
There's lots of "stuff" that happens between being inspired and the arrival of finished garments, but sometimes it's more fun to pretend the collection just appears after finding inspiration.


No Sweat

Loup was started to fill the void where feminine meets sport and becomes something magical. Basically everyday I attempt to create a modern day version of flawless Charlotte Rampling running to the courts.