Table Tennis Counts Too

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New York City, Played To Gershwin

The New York City skyline

Rockefeller Center

Washington Square Park

The U.N.

The Plaza Hotel

The Guggenheim

The Empire State Building

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Sydni Katz: Tennis Superstar

Sydni Katz is a fast rising tennis star and looks amazing in the new SS2011 Loup collection! We are obsessed with her for her determination, great spirit and fantastic sense of style on and off the court.
Check out the full interview below...

What's your full name?
Sydni Fara Katz

Where is your home base?
Boca Raton, Florida

How long have you been playing tennis? What's your playing history?
I have been playing tennis since I was seven years old, however
competitive play in tournaments began for me at a later age (12 years
old). When I was fifteen I was given the opportunity to attend the
Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton, Florida where I would be able to
train six hours a day while attending school online. I packed up and
relocated from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Boca Raton, Florida where
I lived in a dorm with 30 other tennis players who shared the same
desire, passion, and focus for the game as me. After graduating from University of
Miami Online High school as Valedictorian of my graduating class I
went on to play for the University of Arizona Womens Tennis Team for
my Freshman year; for my sophomore year I transferred to Rollins
College in Orlando where I also played on the womens tennis team.
After my sophomore year of college I spent the summer playing in my
first pro tennis tournaments and decided that I wanted to turn pro and
compete full time on tour.

What tournaments will you be participating in this summer?
Since last year I have been competing on the WTA pro tour. My
tournament schedule for 2010 has me competing in 10,000 and 25,000 pro
events held throughout the United States, South America, and all over
Europe. My next stop to finish off my year is two tournaments $10,000
tournaments in England and four $10,000 tournaments in Spain.

What's your daily schedule like when you're practicing?
My weekly practice schedule Monday-Friday is as follow (if the Florida
weather permits):
8-10am practice with my coach
11am-12pm fitness
12-2pm lunch
2:30- Full match and/or point play
4:30-Depending on how the match or point play went I may hit for
another 30mins with my coach to go over what worked or didn't work
during the points or cool down and stretch
Saturday- Play one set in the morning and cool down 30mins cardio

What's your daily schedule like when you're playing in tournaments?
When playing tournaments the amount of time on court training usually
decreases because there are so many tennis players and usually not
enough courts for all of us. Before the tournament begins I try to
get to the tennis site at least one or two days before to get used to the court conditions. Once
the tournament begins I like to hit at least for an hour right before
my start time so I feel nice and loose before I get on court for the

Where's your favorite place to play? What/Where is your favorite tournament?
So far my favorite place to play is in Barcelona. Spain because it is
the place to go if you want to compete on the red clay. My favorite
professional tournament which I hope one day to play is Wimbledon.

Who's your favorite tennis player of all time?
Steffi Graff- She was the first autograph that I ever got at a
professional event held at Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

If you weren't playing tennis, what would you be doing?
If I wasn't playing on the pro tour I would be studying to obtain a
Sports and Entertainment law degree--hopefully in California!

Any tips for staying cute when you're playing?
To stay cute while playing--wear loup clothes!

What do you like to wear when you're not in tennis gear?
When I am not in tennis clothes I love to wear off the shoulder
blouses from H&M and Mango paired with dark skinny denim jeans and
a great pair of comfy wedges or ballet flats.

What's your favorite Loup item and why do you LoveLoup?
My favorite loup item is for sure the black two layer tennis dress--I
can wear it off the court out to a late lunch or dinner with a cute
pair of ballet flats and leather jacket. Loup is unlike any other
tennis clothes I have ever worn. It is a very versatile line that
allows you to look cute both on and off the court because it allows
you to pair normal everyday clothes and shoes creating an afternoon or
evening look.