Holiday 2011!

So excited about the Loup Holiday 2011 collection!
See more here. And check out the inspiration here.
Thanks again to Russ+Reyn and their highly creative ideas and amazing photography teamwork for making this gorgeous. Plus to the talents of MT, Felicia and Bethany.

And some extra creepy crawler in the night bonus fun...


Norma Norma Norma

Norma Kamali...

Her work...

Norma Kamali has been designing since 1974 and is the authority on functional, bold clothing that reflect fun, health and strength. Celebrities and stylists love her for obvious reasons - everything makes a statement and pushes the boundaries while still reflecting a feminine and fun spirit that could be relevant at any point in time. Plus her personal style is consistently inspiring. I love you Norma, keep the good work coming!

Check out her latest collection here (don't miss the ultra flattering bathing suits)

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Under There Too

Wear with...

Low Back Dress in Black

Since summer is well on its way, I thought it time for a followup to the "Under There" post. Loup is perfect for traveling and especially throwing over a swimsuit. These Laura Urbinati swim suits are retro without being over the top and are the perfect compliment to a summer Loup ensemble.


The Glass House

The Glass House

The pool

The study

The backyard

Portrait of Philip Johnson by Andy Warhol

Frank Stella painting

Functional architecture in the art gallery - walls that rotate to display multiple pieces

Shana in the art gallery

Me in the art gallery

The sculpture gallery

Maggie in the sculpture gallery

Philip Johnson's Glass house is insanely inspiring. Set on 47 acres of land in New Canaan Connecticut, the property has 6 separate main structures and endless amount of beauty. Johnson built the Glass House for himself, and added elements like 2 galleries and a library to create a more entertaining, functional environment and a great place to gather his friends like Andy Warhol. My friends Maggie and Shana and I visited the grounds for an architecture tour and needless to say, we were very impressed.

Learn more here