It's Spring...

time to take off your shirt.

Japan Now

Annie Hall

The Graduate


These Japanese posters from some of my favorite movies bring a whole new life into the classics. My friend Aaron brought the Annie Hall poster to my attention after seeing my love for this Muppet Press Annie Hall reference.

Donate to the red cross here to continue and support Japan in their time of need.



sneakers via jjjjound, Howard Hughes via The Selvedge Yard

"Why have we made a folk hero of a man who is the antithesis of all our official heroes, a haunted millionaire of the West, trailing a legend of desperation and power and white sneakers?"
- Joan Didion on Howard Hughes in Slouching Towards Bethlehem


Jeu de Paume

via Smithsonian and jgfox

A small but dedicated group keeps "Court Tennis" alive in Paris at the Fontainebleau jeu de paume courts. The game is similar to tennis but described as a "quirky game of finesse and speed" that uses these amazing long indoor courts. Check out those handmade balls and antique guest book!